When God decided to take love—the very heart and essence of His being (1 John 4:16)— and place that love within Man, male and female made in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:27), that love first took root, first established a home and formed a foundation within the heart of the woman first. A woman is the very heart of God’s love.  Women, by their very nature, have a special relationship with the Holy Spirit as bearers and givers of life.

My wife gives life to me through her unwavering love and support of my work in the Lord’s vineyard, which sometimes keeps me away from home for long stretches of time.  Even though she doesn’t travel with me, we are a team and her role in evangelization is just as important as mine.  We are in this together!  While I am out preaching and teaching to the universal Church, she is taking care of things in the domestic church, the church of the home.        
Since the Holy Spirit speaks through her, I have come to learn the great value of listening to my wife—not just to her words but to her heart.  My wife’s wisdom has allowed me to become a better husband to her and a better father to my children.  Sometimes I’m so busy that I don’t take time to appreciate the great gift from God that she is.  Shame on me.  We’ve been through so much together during these past eighteen years and have not forgotten that Jesus Christ is the heart and center of our married lives.
So this Thanksgiving, make sure to tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate them … then have that second slice of pie!