Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is a prolific Catholic author in the 21st century Church with dozens of books, articles, pamphlets, and other writings.

The Power of Matrimonial Love: The Married Deacon

When deacon couples open their hearts to His love and mercy, when they make themselves vulnerable before the Giver of all gifts, when they are able share with God the deepest parts of who they are, then they are giving themselves to Him in return. “The Deacon”, January/February 2021 Issue (Volume 3, No. 4). Our Sunday Visitor.

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Until Death Do Us Part

When a man and a woman enter into a marriage covenant, they promise unending love and devotion to each other, regardless of their circumstances, for the rest of their lives until death. *The Narrow Gate*, Parousia Media Blog. 17 August 2020.

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The Deacon’s Role at Baptisms

Like our predecessors, the Levites, the deacon’s responsibility at baptisms within Mass is to assist the priest, leaving plenty of room outside of Mass for the deacon, like the first deacons in Acts of the Apostles, to preach the Good News of the life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and to solemnly confer the Sacrament of Baptism. “The Deacon”, September/October 2020 Issue (Volume 3, No. 2). Our Sunday Visitor.

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